AMBITIONS | strong need to do something new


Ambitions. It’s terrible when you have them a lot and beautiful at the same time. Although I have a strong need to do something new I always think that i’m going to fail. So I (almost) never start and that’s why I’m afraid to grow in patience. There is a pattern in my daily life routine that I would like to change, for sure I’m a creation of habit and I’m not the only one, I think. It would be perfect when your work is your passion and your passion is your work. I was just wondering to start a little company, not a real one, just the idea of having one, to continue to challenge myself.

They always say, where there’s a will ther’s a way.  So, yeah. I’m brainstorming how I can challenge myself in a great way. One ingredient to make it possible, just start, even when you think you’re going to fail ‘ cause starting is never a fail. For now, I have a messy soul and reckless mind but I think the process is an amazing battle. A battle with all my ambitions. A brand new start.

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